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 Today in AMV History (Interview with TritioAFB)

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PostSubject: Today in AMV History (Interview with TritioAFB)   July 7th 2015, 11:54 pm

Today in AMV History
Series of interviews done by TritioAFB for Zona AMV
r3act Team SesSions with lokkiclu
June 16th, 2015

TritioAFB: Welcome to the interview. Today with the leader of R3act Team Sessions. Thanks for joining and welcome

lokkiclu: Thanks, Tritio! Happy to have the opportunity to be here.

TritioAFB: Let's talk about the studio: When did it start? Their founder and its first days. Also what's the meaning of the name of the studio?

lokkiclu: The way the group came to existence will probably surprise newer editors. R3act Team SesSions was a project I initially started in 2012, with a line-up of editors that greatly differs from the one we have today. One of the more notable editors today that was part of that r3T is Gorz, with whom some of us are still good friends.  Unfortunately, it had a brief stint, and we ultimately took the decision to disband it at the beginning of 2013.

I spent most of my time after that as a solo editor, until I joined Nero Team. While being there, I realised being a leader was something I enjoyed doing more than I thought, so in July 2014 I started working on the comeback of r3T along with Crookz and previous members such as Miilru, who is now our co-leader. The direction of the studio differs a lot now compared to the 2012 version, as we are more keen on competition, but at the end of the day I'm happy things worked out.

As for the name, I like to think of it as more of an Easter egg to fellow Need for Speed fans like me, the racing series being the inspiration of the name. What can I say, I was a big fan as a kid haha.

TritioAFB: Interesting. Who are currently the members?

lokkiclu: We currently have 14 members, me being the leader and Miilru the co-leader. Joining us in the reformation of r3T were Anzu10694, Azexous, EllipseIris, KahloReiva007, sirenaim and Zelda, while those who joined us as we progressed are BeautyxPain102, CeliaPhantomhive, Kvakond, Nedits, Noor and ShallowPhantom. The studio is always looking for potential talent to join our ranks.

TritioAFB: The team has several members that came from different studios, has been there any change in the relationships?

lokkiclu: As you mentioned, we have members who have been in the past part of other noteworthy groups such as Asylum Studios, Eden Team, Nero Team or Mad World Productions. I think what has helped us a lot on the way is the fact that most of us were friends since then or even before that.
The majority of us have been editing since as far as 2007 or 2008. Having different studio experiences means different opinions often arise, which has always managed to keep things interesting and fresh within the team. This has strengthened our relationships.

TritioAFB:  How has the relationship been from the beginning of the team until now?

lokkiclu: It was interesting to see a change in the dynamic of the group as we added new members, but the environment has remained friendly.

TritioAFB: Are there some examples of videos from the first years of the team?

lokkiclu: I still happen to have our very first MEP uploaded on Vimeo (https://vimeo.com/54621879). It feels nostalgic to watch this again, and to see how much the r3T project has changed since then.

TritioAFB: Any future projects for the team? How has the participation of the team been in international contests?

lokkiclu: Working on the forum has been my main priority as of late, along with CeliaPhantomhive who is a spectacular designer (and editor!).

Competition has proven to be one of the things r3act takes pride in, as most of the members focus their efforts on making contest entries. I am personally an avid fan of ICs, one of our teams managing to take home 2nd place in the Soul's Team IC earlier this year. Our first MEP got 2nd place in the Stylize ET IC last year. It's something we really enjoy doing.

And not just online contests, but also local conventions where members like EllipseIris or kvakond managed to take Best in Show. Our newest member Noor is the current gem, winning 2nd place in the popular contest Level Up 2015. A couple of members also have Japan Expo entries in the works, where I will take part as international judge this year.

TritioAFB: Any words for the audience reading this interview?

lokkiclu: I would encourage any editor who reads this to be proud of the work they're doing, regardless of whether it's a hobby or they plan to do something more serious with it. AMVs are super awesome and I love this community. Great job to all of you!

TritioAFB: Is there any convention the team assists in real life?

lokkiclu: Being an international studio makes any kind of meet-up difficult, having members from different continents. You can however find us at cons such as MondoCon in Hungary, Otakon, Matsuricon (where Celia is a judge), Anime Weekend Atlanta in the US. A group of us also plans to go to Japan Expo next year, so we can meet some of our French friends Smile

Original post below: http://www.zonaamv.com/t11263-hoy-en-la-historia-de-los-amvs-r3act-team-session#113606
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Today in AMV History (Interview with TritioAFB)
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